Monday, October 28, 2013

All abuzz about Tampa

The week before a conference is always a bit of mayhem around academic departments. Everyone is running around printing posters, presenting dry-runs of oral talks, discussing flight arrangements and making plans to meet up with friends and colleagues from across the globe. This year's annual Soil Science Society of America meetings will be in Tampa, FL November 3-6. Sarah and Julie have complementary presentations this year. Sarah will present the results of her M.S. work looking at the effects of inoculation on common legume cover crops in our region - with some surprising results! Come check out her poster on Wednesday afternoon at the Microbial Community Dynamics In Farming Systems: II poster session. Julie will present earlier in the day at the oral session of the same name Microbial Community Dynamics In Farming Systems: I, reporting on some work to evaluate strains a potential inoculants for the important cover crop legume hairy vetch in the Southeast. Also joining us from our lab will be Peyton and Natalie to see what all the excitement is about. We look forward to seeing you all in Tampa next week!

The joys of poster editing!

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