Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Raleigh's Trash is Treasure

Spotlight on a Raleigh small business

This week, as we are all thinking of returning home for the holidays, we are reminded of the exciting things happening around us in Raleigh.  At a house just down the street from the University, lives a whole gaggle of our lab's compadres.  JiJY (pictured) lives there with one housemate named Justin Senkbeil.

Justin is a co-founder and CEO of a local company called Compost Now.  This company goes door-to-door picking up kitchen scraps from Raleigh residents and turning it into compost, that you can later have delivered back to your home.  Pretty cool huh?

Check out their website:  It is almost as cool as their Raleigh-centric T-shirts.  Way to go Raleigh!

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